About us

Established in 2012, the company was founded with the purpose of providing its customers with products that empowers, promotes positivity, courage  and engages a overall sense of well being. Designed seamlessly to incorporate in our day to day lives while adding an avenue of expression and style.
What started out as a search for answers pertaining to existence, led to the discovery of gemstones and other artifacts commonly worn throughout history by some of our most iconic figures. This quickly developed into a passion due to the overwhelming sense of higher self this new knowledge had unlocked.
Definition of the brand name: KemMoor
Combination of two words KEM;
Short for Kemet(KMT) which is known now as modern day EGYPT.
Kemet is highly regarded as one of the first civilization on this planet. Advanced in architecture, literacy, medicine & much more. Famously known for it's pyramid and the mystery surrounding it's creation and functions, much like human beings.
The second word MOOR;
A name given to categorize a group of people from modern day Morocco who migrated to Europe in the late 7th and early 8th century bringing about a RENAISSANCE in Europe. Along with them came new scientific techniques, advancement in astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, geography and more. 
When both words are added together you end up with KEM/MOOR
This name pays tribute to the ancient Kemites(Egyptians)/Moors for their contributions. Acknowledgement for what they achieved 
Wearing our products serves as a way to remind our customers of all the accomplishments of these two groups, that they would themselves find inspiration to do the same within their lives.
It's hard to have a bad day when you have something reminding you to be great!